Pacific 612

The Pacific 612 has a dramatic roof that many people say is our most interesting roofline. The inside of the Pacific home is faceted like a diamond. The steep triangular roof allows lots of light to enter the loft; put in jalousie windows to let in extra airflow to the loft bedroom. This home has a multi-faceted, half octagon wrap-around porch with 180 degree views out the front. The large porch is a great space for cooking and entertaining. The staircase that comes up on either side of the porch as shown in the image below is optional. The roundness of this model gives you the sense that the shape of the space is very different, like being on the prowl of a ship. The Pacific 612 is a great choice if you’re wanting to take in a great view on your property.

Pacific 612

1 Bedroom, 1 Bath


492 SF Interior I 120 SF Loft
462 SF Porch


Hybrid Bamboo Home Package: $69,145
Signature Bamboo Home Package: $84,170

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$3400 OFF – Hybrid Pacific 612
$4200 OFF – Signature Pacific 612

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