Polynesian 1294

The Polynesian 1294 offers spacious living area and an impressive ceiling with over 20’ to the ridge. Large vents on either side of the roof allow for passive cooling and ventilation. The porch wraps around to either side of the home, offering over 640 square feet of porch space, making it large enough for multiple activities. The loft can be used for lounging, a play area, an extra bedroom/guest room, office space, art space, or meditation space. Add a dormer to one or both sides of this model to let tons of natural light into your loft and create more usable space (the dormer shown below is an add-on).

Polynesian 1294

2 or 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom


1152 SF Interior I 640 SF Porch
142 SF Loft


Hybrid Bamboo Home Package: $127,820
Signature Bamboo Home Package: $155,355