Pacific 992

The Pacific 992 is a very popular model with two full bedrooms, each with their own private porch. There is also a loft that can be used as a third bedroom, media center, game room, or office. Originally designed for rockstar Sammy Hagar, this home contains a 6:12 pitched roof that many people say is our most interesting and dynamic roofline. The inside of the home is faceted like a diamond. The steep triangular roof allows lots of light to enter the loft. Put in jalousie windows to let in extra airflow to the loft. This home has a multi-faceted, half octagon wrap-around porch providing 180 degree views. The large porch is a great space for cooking and entertaining outside. The Pacific 992 model can have a staircase that comes up on both sides of the porch (optional). The unique shape of this model gives you the sense of being on the prow of a ship. The Pacific 992 is the perfect choice for those folks wanting to take in expansive views of their property.

Pacific 992

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom


872 SF Interior I 570 SF Porch
120 SF Loft


Hybrid Bamboo Home Package: $99,865
Signature Bamboo Home Package: $123,670


$5,000 OFF – Hybrid Pacific 992
$6,200 OFF – Signature Pacific 992

Plus get $1000 CASH Shipping Credit
& $500 CASH Trucking Credit