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Bamboo Living strives to create green homes that provide a healthier and more efficient way of living for all people. We incorporate green design, LEED certification, and green construction to significantly lessen any negative impact on the environment and to improve the health of those who live inside. Green homes are built to be healthier, more eco-friendly, more durable, more sustainable, and more cost-effective.

The LEED green building certification program stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” LEED green homes save energy and protect the environment by using green building materials and renewable resources, such as bamboo. As a proud leader and LEED-certified green home builder, Bamboo Living promotes reducing environmental disturbance and construction waste.

The indoor air quality (IAQ) of a home has a major impact on the long-term health of its residents. Bamboo Living ensures that all of the products we use for treatments and finishes meet the highest IAQ standards. The interior finishes applied in our green homes are all low in VOC (volatile organic compounds). Also, the fungicide additives that we use in our finishes are the safest on the market. We strive to build an organic, breathing home—a home that is healthy, safe, and green for all members of your family. Bamboo Living green homes also use toxin-free building materials to provide natural ventilation and to help combat indoor air pollution, which can be much worse than outdoor pollution.

What is a Green Home? The concept is new to the western building industry, but at Bamboo Living, a green home is defined as being healthy, strong, safe, innovative, graceful, and beautiful. There are many benefits to living in a green home, and every day, more and more Americans are discovering those benefits.

No matter your location or living situation, the opportunities for living a greener life at home are limited only by your imagination. Are you creating the healthiest and most environmentally conscious lifestyle that you possibly can? Bamboo Living has a green home collection to fit every budget and lifestyle; join us in creating a greener life for our Earth and our people.

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