Alex Pearl

Aloha my name is Alex Pearl.
I am a practicing Bamboodist and you can be one too!

Bamboo is a super grass! Our timber grade bamboo is strong like steel and has withstood hurricane force winds! Its durability allows it to bend without breaking. It is amazingly quick and can grow 3 to 4 feet in a day when shooting! You can cut it, and it'll grow back, making it incredibly sustainable! And did you know that it is naturally termite resistant?! That's right - bamboo is AMAZING!

So, do you want to be as incredible as bamboo? Do you want to be a Bamboodist?! If your answer is yes than it is time to grow the 5 traits of bamboo!




yoga bambooPractice strength training, either with weights or your body weight. Burpees are great and work your whole body! I am a fan of squats, bicycle kicks, and push ups! Do strength training everyday to gain confidence in yourself and withstand your daily storms!




Strength is important, but flexibility allows you to bend without breaking like bamboo! By doing yoga you can prevent injuries and relieve tightness and pain in the body. A daily yoga practice first thing in the morning and before bed can do wonders for the temple that is your body!




Bamboo shoots grow much faster than trees! If you want to be fast like bamboo you have to do cardio! Running, swimming, and biking will all improve your speed and overall health! Get your heart pumping daily for increased energy and mental focus!




Our planet can easily support us all if we work together and respect the natural balance of things! Unfortunately, humans have disturbed this balance. It is up to us to right our wrongs and start thinking sustainably! That means using more renewable resources, like sunlight, waterpower, and bamboo! Buy biodegradable things. Simple things like limiting use of plastic products by not buying plastic water bottles can go a long way. Especially if we all adopt these changes together.


5happy bambooTermite Resistance

Bamboo is naturally termite resistant, and so are you!
Always remember that you are amazing just the way you are!



Bamboo is ever expansive and so are you! Grow these traits and continue to raise your standards to the heavens! Then you will become a true Bamboodist!

Blessings from the Bamboo Living team.


About the Author

Alex and Olivia

Alexander Pearl grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoyed the wonders of the natural world. He loves hiking, snorkeling, sports, photography, performing, and exploring the world! In Seattle he worked for Greenpeace where he helped shut down coal terminals and stopped the hunting of endangered animals. Alex believes in a bright future where humanity works in unison with nature to promote beautiful living!

Alex has spent the majority of his life adventuring around Washington and Oregon, but now that he's in Hawaii he feels at home! His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and he loves his sweet lady Olivia. As a Sales Representative for Bamboo Living, Alex looks forward to helping you create your dream home, dream planet, and dream you!


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