Bamboo Living Home Packages

We offer two types of home packages: Hybrid and Signature. The Hybrid Home Package is for double walled homes which are conventionally framed onsite and require lumber and wall materials that you purchase locally. The Signature Home Package comes with bamboo-framed single walls as a kit and it’s ready to be assembled onto your foundation right out of the container.




Hybrid Home Packages — perfect for building codes that require insulation for heating or cooling. Your contractor builds walls to our specs and conventionally frames them and you finish the walls with our exterior bamboo siding, roof system, porches, and bamboo trim. Hybrid Home Packages combine an exquisite balance of the Signature Series’ exotic exterior look, with a modern, smooth wall interior.

  • Hot or Cold Climates

  • Building Codes Requiring Double Walls

  • Conventional, Smooth Wall Interior

  • Assemble after foundation and perimeter load-bearing walls are built.


Signature Home Packages — great for temperate climates with building codes that allow single-wall construction. Your package includes bamboo-framed exterior single-wall panels, complete with our natural split bamboo exterior siding. Select your interior wall finish, either: paint color of your choice, woven bamboo, or split bamboo, and enjoy beautiful exposed bamboo throughout your home.

  • Temperate or Tropical Climates

  • Building Codes Allow Single Walls

  • Exposed Bamboo on Interior Walls

  • Assemble after foundation is built.

Bamboo Living Home Packages require finishing your home kit with windows, doors, exterior roofing, flooring, plumbing, and electrical. Those features are chosen by you and installed by your contractors. Hybrid Home Packages require perimeter wall framing and drywall supplied by your builder. Additional options and customization are available for an extra charge.