Ciro Podany

Designer + Marketing & Sales

Ciro Podany attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where he received a Masters of Architecture Degree in 2014. During his thesis studies, he focused on human's affinity to connect with architecture through natural materials and geometry. Ciro has done work leading teams of people on multiple entrepreneurial endeavors - the latest being an organic permaculture company, for which he still is doing master planning design services. Ciro is in the process of completing hours and examinations to become a licensed architect in Hawaii.

For Ciro, bamboo is a wonderfully inspiring material, in its abundance, flexibility, strength, and beauty. Ciro has developed a humble-passion for great bamboo design through cultivating, harvesting, and building with this ancient plant. Above all, Ciro hopes to share his passion for design with you by cultivating and invigorating your ideas into reality.