Were you ever robbed? Has your home ever been broken into? Did you know that there is a burglary occurring every 15 seconds in the U.S.? Plus, to add more to the worry, fresh homeowners should know that more than 73% of these robberies happen to residential homes and properties. So turning home safety into a top priority is, needless to say, a sine qua non requirement. If you are looking forward to having your brand new bamboo home built, you should concern yourself with the security matters first hand. Chances are you will be investing some serious money into having it build, decorated, and landscaped to your own liking, so the last thing you would want is for someone to break into it and damage it.

Tip #1: Secure Your Doors On Your Bamboo Home

  • Around 30 percent of burglaries occur through the front door. Make sure you do not ad up to the statistics.

  • Perform a full inspection of your front door, as well as the rest of the doors around your house.

  • Hire a professional locksmith that specializes in residential properties or opt for a popular company that handles all types of locksmithing services, home included. If you do not have anyone in mind, check out the Nationwidelocksmith.org website. They work with the most experienced licensed technicians and only hire authorized and insured locksmiths for the job. Their mobile teams are spread across all U.S. states, and they promise to rapidly reach any location within approximatively 20 minutes from placing a call to their customer service like at (888) 254-5666. They usually provide free estimates, so make sure to give them a call while you are in the process of building your bamboo home, so they can recommend the most reliable types of locks and other security solutions.

  • They can install the most advanced locks on your doors, including electronic locks with access codes, fingerprint access, or bluetooth technologies. You could be unlocking your front door by simply approaching it with your smartphone in your pocket. You can also opt for grade-1 single or double cylinder dead bolt lock – just check with the local/state/national fire department regulations.

  • In some areas, you will not be legally allowed to install double cylinder locks that require a key to unlock a door form the inside, as they could potentially endanger your personal safety in the event of an emergency that requires you to immediately exit the premises.

  • A professional locksmith will introduce you to your best options that will fall within your budget limitations and also practically perform the installation/maintenance work needed. It is always better to rely on an authorized locksmith instead of trying to perform some DIY home projects on your own when it comes to the actual security of your home.

Tip #2: Secure The Windows

  • Lots of people underestimate the importance of properly secured windows on their homes. Many break-ins occur via windows that have been left wide open, cracked, or unlocked.

  • Chances are your bamboo house will not come equipped with locks on the windows. No worries, you can can in touch with the same locksmiths and ask them to install small-keyed locks and even add sensors tied to your home alarm.

Tip #3: Install A Home Alarm

  • Opt for a basic one you can install on your own or pay extra for a fully monitored smart alarm system.

  • You are going to thank yourself later for making this choice.

  • Assess your needs based on the area you live in and include motions sensors and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

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